Rosa Taranis® (VISpanila)

A true “paniculata” rose. The hundreds to thousands of single lightly scented, pale lilac-pink flowers with white centre are arranged in clusters like a pyramid on the reddish stems. They are also a real attraction for bees and other pollinators. A beautiful sight and a full bouquet! This flower panicle can grow to 50 cm or longer.

The florets stay on the stem for a long time, are weather-resistant and slowly turn paler without disturbing, quite the contrary! While in late summer the first flowers turn into hips, there are still plenty of new flower branches to show off.
Application: border, flowerbed solitary, pot and balcony. How about a long-lasting bouquet in a vase?

Height: 70 cm – Planting distance: 50 cm

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Le Roeulx 2019, Certificate
Nyon 2020, Gold Medal
LeRoeulx 2021, Rose Elite du Le Roeulx
Bologna 2021, Silver Medal
Warsaw 2021, Silver Medal
Paris Bagatelle 2022, 2nd Prize Concours de roses de paysage
Glasgow 2022, Lord Provost’s Cup (highest points)