Rosa Mini Pinkie® (VISpanicov)


This miniature rose has hundreds of tiny soft pink flowers, which do not have the appearance of roses, and will shine in any border for more than 5 months. Stimulates huge attention in the garden and will attract bees and other pollinators.

Application: border, flower bed, ground cover, pot.
Height: 30 cm – Planting distance: 40 cm

International Prizes:
Madrid 2019, Silver Medal
Madrid 2019, 1ste Prize of the Spanish Rose Society
City of The Hague 2019, Certificate
Le Roeulx 2019, Certificate miniature roses
Baden-Baden 2019, Gold Medal Miniature roses
Baden-Baden 2019, Ereprijs Verein Deutsche Rozenfreunde
Warsaw 2022, Gold Medal miniature roses