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Rosa Hedge-On®

Under the Hedge-On brand, ready-made pre-shaped hedge plants are offered in two new rose selections, one with white and one with pink flowers. These completely new crossings are very healthy and suitable to use as a instant hedge.


Naturosa® represents a selection of new, healthy, richly flowering roses. They have been extensively tested and awarded by an international jury at several rose competitions. They are very suitable for planting in combination with perennials and are very easy to care for. Naturosa® roses fit very well into the contemporary garden concept.

Ceci n’est pas une Rose

These unique rose plants, whose miniature flowers do not look like roses at all, have been carefully chosen for their disease resistance, climate resistance, floridity, user-friendliness and colour brilliance. They are all on their own roots. They fit perfectly at the front of perennial borders, flower beds and public green spaces.

Prunus Lusitanica ‘ Tico’

Prunus Tico is very hardy. Tico has green leaves with bronze-coloured, new shoots. The leaves contrast very nicely with the red-coloured stems. Prunus lusitanica Tico likes a sunny spot in acidic, neutral or alkaline soil. Pruning can be done in summer. The plant grows to 250 cm high and 150 cm wide and, with its bushy growth, is very suitable for a hedge, as a mass planting but also as a solitary on a terrace or balcony, in mixed containers or simply in the garden or border.

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