Meer Plant

Rosa Taxandria® (VIScampina)

A shrub rose with all the characteristics of a true moschata hybrid: a taller shrub, strong, continuous-flowering with gracefully bending branches that are more than half filled with semi-double, bowl-shaped flowers of 6 cm diameter.

The butter-yellow buds open satiny beige to reveal their full splendour as a crystal-white rose in which the bright yellow stamens stand out beautifully against the dark green glossy leaves. Softly smelling of honey and summer flowers, Bees love it! In all weather conditions, this beautiful landscape rose looks like a white tsunami in garden or landscape.
Application: back of border, solitary, landscape and hedge.

Height: 140 cm – Planting distance: 60 cm

International prizes:

Baden-Baden 2009, Gouden Medaille heesterrozen
Baden-Baden 2009, Ereprijs Ministerium für Ernährung und Ländlichen Raum
Monza 2013, Gouden Medaille heesterrozen
Monza 2013, “The Rose of the Year”
Lyon 2013, Gouden Medaille heesterrozen
Hradec Králové 2014, Gouden Medaille
Certificat Excellence Roses, 2020

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