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Florall autumn 2022


Waregem, 23/08/2022


With around eighty growers and a dozen participating export and supply companies, Florall 2022, held at Waregem Expo was pretty well filled. Visitors from home and abroad also found their way smoothly to the event, the fair that showcases the Flemish offerings for the coming autumn. The general tenor sounded positive, although everyone built some margin into short-term predictions – especially regarding developments in Ukraine and related raw material and energy prices.

A Professional jury once again presented awards to potentially interesting novelties. After intense deliberation, during which several aspects were weighed up, the jury decided to award gold to Sempervivum ‘Coconut Crystal Belsemmag1’ indica among the new varieties; silver to Potentilla fruticosa ‘Citrus Tart’ and bronze to Fagus sylvatica ‘Verschuurfag1’ (Midnight Feather).
The judges gave Gold in the ‘New concepts’ category for ‘Hedge-on® ‘ to Meer Plant BV. This is a concept with pre-formed flowering hedge plants, in which two new rose selections were shown at the fair.

Jury Composition
– Lucien Verschoren, AVBS Trade Group Chairman for Arboriculture
– Marc Verachtert, Green journalist
– Surrender Roelands, PCS
– Dirk Ballekens, Director of the Belgian Garden Centres Association
– Willy De Geest, former editor Sierteelt & Groenvoorziening
– Bart Verelst, AVBS Gardening consultant

Category concept

Gold: Hedge-on® Pink, Hedge-on® White

Meerplant bv, Meer

This concept consists in offering ready-made pre-formed hedge plants. This can include green plants, but also two new rose selections, one with white and the other with pink flowers. These totally new hybrids are very healthy and suitable for use as hedges. This ensures that customers can immediately enjoy their hedge as they would an established hedgerow.

Surely, the judges think a ready-to-use rose hedge is something special. There is potential for terraces, for a green facade and also for a tiled garden. The size (55 x 20 cm) is that of two paving stones. On the positive side, the roses are healthy and not too prickly and bloom for 4 months, from bottom to top. It is low-maintenance as the hedge can be clipped. The dimensions are such that the buyer can still carry it (a handle on either side) and the mini hedge still fits in his car. 

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