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Rosa Salut à Luxembourg® (VIScada)

This small shrub rose attracts everyone’s attention with its exuberant blooms. The small single flowers seem to dance lightly and airily through each other like notes in a musical score. The numerous pink-violet roses with a white centre form exuberant clusters that contrast beautifully with the olive-green and healthy leaves. Their golden stamens are a real attraction for bees and pollinators.

Application: border, flower bed and pot
Height: 60 cm – Planting distance 40 cm

International awards:

Lyon 2017, Prize Internationale Jury cat. Floribunda – « La palme du rosier à massif »
Kortrijk 2017, Silver Medal
LeRoeulx 2017, Gold Medal
Le Roeulx 2018, Rose Elite du Roeulx
Paris Bagatelle 2021, 2nd Prize Concours de roses de paysage

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